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Visit the Scariest Haunted House in New Jersey

Who doesn’t love to be scared? Being scared is great. The sudden surge of adrenaline as you are terrified in a safe and controlled environment reminds you that you’re alive. There’s a reason that horror movies are still the top grossing box office option to date, and it’s because people love to be scared. But for every great horror movie, there are a million bad ones that don’t even get the heart racing. The added novelty of the scariest haunted house in New Jersey is that they will put you in the center of the movie.

Imagine those scenes where the villain is behind the protagonist and you know the second they turn around they are done for. Now imagine you are the protagonist in the center of the scene. A haunted house allows you to live in the center of that experience. They provide the villains and the haunts; you bring your wits and your bravery.


Do you think you or your friends are too brave? Think you can’t be scared?  There’s always that one person who claims to never get scared – what if you could put a healthy chill down their spine? What if there was an option that would consistently scare you and your friends every single time you visit?

The 13th Hour Haunted House in Wharton, New Jersey is one of the scariest haunted houses in New Jersey. We feature two terrifying floors of attractions that are guaranteed to scare even the bravest of visitors. The House of Nightmares in combination with The Attic spread over two floors to create two of the scariest environments imaginable.

The 13th Hour Haunted House is an award winning haunt. They have been awarded the best indoor haunt in New Jersey by Haunt Hunters and were named Best Haunt in New Jersey for Adults by njnew1.com. The Scranton Haunted house review ranked them the best walk through haunted house.

Not only is this Haunted House award winningly scary, scenes from the Horror Anthology film “Abandoned in the Dark” starring horror icon Kane Hodder were shot on location in the 13th Hour Haunted House.

The upcoming season promises to be the scariest haunt yet, as they take you back 40 years ago when there was a farmhouse on the property. This year they dare you to come experience the real horrors inside this haunted house are based on true and twisted events that took place at this very location.

This is truly heart stopping authentic entertainment, rooms built with the quality of movie quality sets, there are jaw dropping props at every turn and the professional actors will scare you, as they come from every place you’d lease expect. You and your bravest friends can navigate through two floors of terrifying realistic set pieces. This is a professionally run haunted house, featuring special effects and wall animations you’ve never seen before. This place is one that will truly scare every guest that visits.


From September to November the 13th Hour Haunted House promises to be the scariest haunted house in New Jersey. A good haunted house is going to leave you and your friends and family with lasting memories that you will talk about long after the season is over. Can you remember the last time you really were scared or frightened in a movie theater? The 13th Hour Haunted House can put you in the center of the movie, right at the climax when the fear is most real.

For the cost of a visit to a movie theater you can enjoy not one, but two frightening attractions. They have group rates and special ID rates on select days for military, college, police and fire fighters. When you are looking for a truly frightening experience, visit the scariest haunted house in New Jersey. One single price covers both the house of nightmare attraction and the attic, for two unique floors of entertainment for the price of one.

You and your friends need to come to the 13th Hour Haunted Housee, located at 105 West Dewey Ave, in Wharton NJ. You can even purchase tickets online or call 862 – 244 – 4454 for group rates.