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Why You Should Go to a Haunted House in New Jersey

A haunted house can create one of the most frightening environments imaginable while still offering safety. Unlike a costume party which is barely scary, or a movie surrounded by the comforts of home, a haunted house can put real fear in the back of your mind. Here are a few reasons for you to visit a local haunted house in New Jersey.

Bonding Together

Whether you’re hoping to bond with that special someone, or just want to bring the family closer together, nothing builds bonds like fear. When someone is scared they are going to find the closest person they can feel safe around. A haunted house is a great way for friends to bond.

Creating Lasting Memories

Haunted houses create a good scare. They also create great memories for families and friends. You will talk about which friend was the most scared long after the season is over. Younger children will remember every person who got scared, jumped and flinched for years.

Be Part of your own horror movie

Who doesn’t watch a horror movie thinking they can do better? A haunted house gives you and your friends the opportunity to actually be in one. Watch which friend folds and freezes when the lights go down and that first frightening character begins to chase them deeper into two floors of terror.

Face you fears

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions there is and everyone is afraid of something. Many psychologist believe that fear can multiply in our subconscious when it’s held in. A haunted house gives you the rare opportunity to face your fear whether it’s the dark, enclosed spaces or creepy clowns. Society doesn’t allow us to regularly express fear. A haunted house is a safe place to scream, and be afraid.

You might actually see a ghost

This season’s attractions are designed after actual events that happened forty years prior on the property. Forty years ago unspeakable events happened back when it was just a farm house. Science can neither prove nor deny the existence of ghosts which means you might see a ghost.

Get in the Halloween spirit

The winter holiday season can sometimes seem to spread for months before the actual day. The Halloween season isn’t as universally spread out. Every house isn’t going to be lit up weeks before Halloween. However for lovers of Halloween you can put your friends in the spirit just by bringing them to a haunted house.

Support the Local Economy

Going to a haunted house allows you to think globally but act locally. Unlike a movie in the theater, most haunted houses feature and support the local community. Good haunted houses feature actors, most of who are involved in other projects throughout the year. The money you spend stays in the local community. This is good for a local community with an attraction that’s only open for part of the year and it brings tourism to an area after the summer tourists have left.

For the cost of a visit to a movie theater you can enjoy not one, but two frightening attractions. The haunted house has group rates and special ID rates on select days for military, college, police and fire fighters. When you are looking for a truly frightening experience, visit the scariest haunted house in New Jersey. Once single price covers both the house of nightmare attraction and the attic, for two unique floors of entertainment.

You and your friends need to come to the 13th Hour Haunted House & Escape Rooms, located at 105 West Dewey Ave, in Wharton NJ. You can even purchase tickets online or call 862 – 244 – 4454 for group rates.