What Role Will You Play at Your Haunted House?

Did you enjoy your thrilling, frightening experience at your local haunted house? Some Halloween fanatics enjoy their time at a haunted house so much, that they begin to consider working at one next Halloween. Well Halloween may be over 300 days away, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start hunting out employee opportunities at your favorite haunted house. And don’t think that being one of the famed vampires of chasing monsters is the only role you can play. Here are five ways to get involved at a haunted house:


The most obvious and previously mentioned position is acting. Different haunted houses will want different degrees of acting. Some may require employees to do more performing and maybe even deliver a couple of lines, while other haunted houses may run more purely on the quiet, but effective scare techniques. It’s important to check out ahead of time just how intense the house you are applying to is. Some of us may feel comfortable giving a bit of a scare, but too over the top gore or pretend violence is not for everyone. So, make sure to get all of the details before you apply. Acting can be a super fun gig for Halloween time, but will surely take some practice time before the month of October.

haunted scarehouse

Set & Costume Design

Haunted houses really do offer positions for everyone. If you’re one who likes to be more behind the scenes, there are great possibilities for you as well. Haunted houses are so effective in frightening kids and adults alike not just because of the actors, but because of the entire ambiance of the rooms. The setting has to be perfected, and is worked on a decent part of the year in preparation. There will be creative minds slotted to design the sets, while other, more crafty individuals chosen to actually build the set. So, if you’re good with your hands and have a vision for building things in real life– you will definitely be able to succeed in similar ways building a haunted house.

haunted scare house


Costume and makeup add wonders to the ambiance of a haunted house. Actors can’t just go running around in any old clothes, that wouldn’t necessarily be scary! But with blood dripping down the sides of their mouths and ripped clothing spattered with blood and guts, actors are bound to scare at least a couple of people. Remember that skills in the real world easily translate to skills in a haunted house. If you’re known as the best makeup artist among your friends, you may have a knack for frightening Halloween makeup as well.

Management & Ownership

Just like any business, guidance and direction is a must. For those of you with interest or experience in management, and a passion for Halloween, this may be the position for you. Managing a haunted house is hard work that requires lots of planning and preparation. Managers will oversee the design of sets, costumes, and will often be required to hire new staff, as this job is typically seasonal. It requires a solid communication with staff and the drive to create solid building blocks and a trusted reputation among guests. You want people to know that every scare will be scarier than the last!

If you or anyone you know is interested in joining a haunted house team, look into one of these many options. It can be a truly fun and rewarding experience whether you’re posing as a ghost or managing the whole operation. For employment opportunities or any other questions or concerns give us a call today at 13 Hour Haunted House & Escape Rooms.