What Are Escape Games All About?

In today’s world, everyone has instant access to an almost endless supply of cell phone games, streaming video, and video game consoles. There is no shortage of entertainment and people are looking for something more. Thrill seekers want a more immersive, real life experience to help them get their kicks. This is why escape games are on the rise as the next big thing in family-friendly entertainment. But what are escape games all about?

What Are Escape Games?

Essentially, escape games are interactive puzzles where you and your party attempt to escape a room. These escape rooms have different themes and you must solve a mystery within a certain time limit to get out.

Do you dare to enter a farmhouse turned torture chamber? Navigate through secret passageways and mind-bending puzzles to unlock dark secrets. You will have to muster all of your courage and brainpower to escape within 60 minutes!

How Do They Work?

When a brave soul signs up to play escape games, they often aren’t sure exactly what’s in store for them. You will be guided by a game host who gives you a mission and explains the rules of the game. Then, you and your party are brought into a room where a countdown starts ticking.

With an hour to escape, you must work against the clock to find clues and solve puzzles. The game host will be watching, so if you really need to, you can ask for a hint. However, figuring everything out on your own will prove you to be a true escape artist.

Are You Really Trapped?

This is one of the most common questions people have about escape games. The idea of being trapped in a room can be quite alarming, and may prevent some from playing. Luckily, this is not the case. You will never be truly trapped in an escape room and can leave at any time. The host will point out all exits prior to the game starting. However, it can be fun to put yourself in the mindset of being unable to escape!

Do You Have to Be a Puzzle Expert?

People often worry that they must be a genius at solving puzzles in order to enjoy a safe room. Having a good team is way more important, as the escape requires precise coordination between everyone in the party. Someone may be better at solving puzzles while another person is great at finding the next clue. With a group of close friends or family working together, no escape is too difficult.

Is Someone Going to Jump Out and Scare You?

Escape games come in many different themes and variations. Some are scary, some are thrilling, and others are simply off the wall. Do some research to make sure the escape room has what you are looking for.

What If You Fail?

When it comes to escape games, it’s the journey rather than the destination that matters. You will have such a good time working together with your friends or family that the end result isn’t so important. Some of the best escape room experiences are those that you don’t finish. You will feel true immersion with your adrenaline pumping as the clock ticks down to zero. Also, if you don’t finish in time, it just gives you an excuse to come back for another try!

Find the Best Scare Games

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