Top 10 Reasons We Love Scaring Ourselves in a Haunted House in NJ

There has always been that draw to the haunted house – something that makes us want to go inside and see what’s there even though we know it will scare the pants off of us. So what makes this hair raising experience so much fun? Science doesn’t really know.

But here at 13th Hour, we are avid lovers of fear-inducing activities and we have some reasons behind why scaring ourselves in this haunted house in NJ is something that people love.

For more information about haunted house visits, contact your local NJ haunted house to find out how you can become a part of these terrifying activities.

Check out some of the best reasons to visit a haunted house in NJ, and also discover the reasons behind your fear addiction.

Because creepy-crawlies are kind of cool.

Who didn’t dig up bugs in their backyard as a child? If you answered no to this question, then maybe you should stay away. Creepy crawlies are cool – they’re different, they have foreign lifestyles and they freak us out in a way that makes our bones shiver. Naturally, they’re a haunted house favorite.

Because who doesn’t like being attacked by ghosts?

Real or not – ghosts are so much fun to find, and to be attacked by. Why? Because you get to tell all your friends and family and awesome terrifying story afterwards – duh!

Because houses are naturally cozy – and by nature we love it when things don’t fit.

haunted house

Home is where the heart is – until it’s not. For some reason, we just love putting these cozy, natural things somewhere out of our comfort zone. The scariness levels grow tenfold with every comfort that’s turned on its head.

Because NJ is the most exciting state for haunted attractions.

The reputation in NJ has grown wild with reality TV over the past few years. But we have just more than the shore. One of the scariest monster myths came right out of our Pine Barrens – The Jersey Devil. Terror is in our blood, and this is the best place to come to get your scare fix.

Because crazy people are interesting – why not run into them?

haunted house

Running through a household of loonies might not be your first though for fun. For terror – think again. They make riveting haunted house residents.

Because we all love to get that heart pumping.

Your heart is racing. Your feet are moving fast. The anticipation is killing you. You don’t know what might pop out around the next corner or who’s hiding beyond the next door.

Because getting lost in a maze is always fun.

Puzzles are challenging, and are so much fun. If you’re terrified of something running after you, that’s going to make the maze that much more challenging. Good think you’ve found a haunted house maze in New Jersey (NJ).

Because who doesn’t like some gory scenery?

haunted house

Blood, guts and gore; the three greatest ingredients to a satisfying story, movie and naturally a haunted house. Why do we love it so much? Because it makes our hair raise to remember that such things could happen to us. Don’t worry – it’s all fake in a haunted house. But the fright will keep you awake that night.

Because monsters, ghouls and demons are cool.

The stuff of myths, legends and scary stories are cool. Why are they cool? Because we know close to nothing about them. In order to know more about something, you have to spend some good old-fashioned, in-person time with it. For that, you’ll need a haunted house.

Because haunted houses are great productions of acting, art and scenery and they are so much fun.

Finally, haunted houses are impressive. They take great actors, makeup artists, architects, and designers to create a terrifyingly fantastic experience for you and your friends. Come be impressed, terrified and thoroughly entertained.

We provide scared spectators with two floors of fear. For more information on when you can come visit the 13th Hour Haunted House & Escape Rooms, contact us.