This Year, Escape the Room, Escape the Holiday Stress

Are you someone who isn’t really into the holidays? Between buying presents, organizing and attending family gatherings, cooking and cleaning – the holidays can leave your head spinning. Sometimes it feels like we just need to escape. Fortunately, you can escape the holiday stress by heading to an actual escape room! Escape the room for fun, excitement, and a way to get your mind off of the holidays.

Family Stress

We love our families. However, sometimes they can stress us out, especially during the holidays. Sometimes the children bicker, teens pout and adults overindulge. A great way to ensure your family gets along this holiday season is by getting everyone together as a team. In an escape room attraction, you and your family will combine brainpower to solve thrilling puzzles in order to escape in time. When everyone puts their heads together to escape the room, petty differences fall to the wayside and the family comes closer together. It’s a great idea to kick off the holiday season with an escape room challenge. This way the family can bond from the very start of the holidays.

Relatives in Town

Another pressure the holidays bring is when relatives come to town and you need to find a way to entertain them. Sometimes relatives will fly in from all over the place to spend time with you for the holidays, the least you can give them is some excitement. Escape rooms offer a fun and thrilling experience that the family will remember for years to come. Another great thing about escape rooms is that your relatives both young and old can enjoy them. Who knows, heading off to escape the room could become your family’s next big tradition!

Responsibility Distraction

Calling relatives, setting out appetizers, cooking dinner, baking pastries – your responsibilities during the holidays can add up. You really need to make time to enjoy yourself. Nothing can distract you from responsibilities like watching a clock tick down as you scramble to solve puzzles and escape! Divide your family up into two groups and take shifts with holiday chores. You’ll be invigorated by the excitement and ready to dive back into your responsibilities.

Beat the Cold

If you aren’t skiing or spending time outside on a snowy day, there really isn’t so much to do during the winter in the Northeast. If we aren’t lucky enough to enjoy a white Christmas this year, you and your family may find yourselves twiddling your thumbs wondering what to do. Escape room attractions offer the perfect indoor activity to keep the whole family entertained and occupied. You won’t be thinking about the freezing winter weather while you scramble to solve puzzles and escape the room. Escape rooms not only help you beat the cold, but it is something out of the ordinary. How exciting can bringing the family out to the movies again really be?

The Gift of Excitement

The holiday season is a time for enjoying the company of those you love, being thankful and most of all, giving. While giving material gifts is never frowned upon, there is no greater gift than a fun and memorable experience. The fast pace of escape rooms get people to act without thinking, which can be hilarious! Your family will still be laughing about that funny thing your uncle did long after the presents are opened and forgotten about.

Escape the Room This December

If you are thinking of making a great escape this holiday season, you better head somewhere good! 13th Hour offers the very best experience around with 4 heart-pounding escape rooms to choose from. If you’re ready to escape the holidays the right way, get in touch with us today!