Team Building at an Escape Room in NJ

A new philosophy is arising that building a successful team takes more than just hard work, it also requires building solid teamwork skills. This goes for any team, whether it be a family, coworkers, or a sports team. A cohesive team needs to have strong communication skills and must be ready to adapt to new situations. Bringing your team to an escape room in NJ is a fun way to strengthen bonds and increase the productivity and happiness of your team.


Have you ever needed something from a coworker but stalled because you weren’t entirely comfortable with them? This gap in communication can cause errors and missed deadlines, unnecessarily costing a company money. It’s situations like these that call for team building exercises. By visiting an escape room in NJ, coworkers can bond in a way that isn’t possible in a normal work environment.

Are your children having a tough time getting along? By placing them in the middle of an escape room, they are required to put their differences aside in order to get out. They will forget why they were arguing in the first place once they are high fiving each other after their escape!

Sports teams also require strong communication in order to succeed. If teammates aren’t comfortable talking with each other, how will they coordinate properly on the field? By bringing the team to solve an escape room, they can learn how to better function as a cohesive unit.


For any team, adaptability is a powerful skill to hone. In sports, the workplace, and family life, there is always a curveball right around the corner. Getting out of an escape room in NJ isn’t like solving a jigsaw puzzle. There are many changes and surprises that keep everyone on their toes. By bringing the team together in an escape room, they will learn how to work with each other and adapt to new scenarios on the fly.


When it comes to the workplace, it can be hard to stay fully committed if there isn’t an enjoyable company culture. By bringing the staff down to an escape room in NJ, you give employees a chance to enjoy themselves alongside coworkers, deepening bonds and providing entertainment. The next workday will be filled with happy employees laughing about their adventure at the escape room.

Between school, work, and other activities, it can be difficult for families to find time to bond. This is why it is important to occasionally clear everyone’s schedule to get together to have some fun. By bringing the family together at an escape room in NJ, everyone can enjoy each other’s company and make exciting memories.

Running laps, doing exercises, and losing matches can put a damper on a sports team over time. When this happens, athletes lose motivation and don’t feel committed to their team. By introducing a fun activity like escape rooms, the team can get together and forget about the field for a little while. Happy teammates will appreciate their coach giving them a break, giving them more motivation on game day.

The Best Escape Room in NJ

Without a really fun and challenging escape room, all of these benefits could fall flat. Luckily, 13th Hour has the best escape rooms in NJ and is sure to bring any team together. Choose from 3 great escape rooms that have different themes, intricate puzzles, and secret passageways. We even offer an escape room and dinner combo featuring Hot Rods BBQ! Does your team have what it takes to come together in order to escape? To find out, order tickets for the 13th Hour escape rooms today!