Scary Christmas Movies For Horrifying Holidays

When they think about Christmas, most people out there imagine warm fireplaces, jingle bells, and wholesome holiday films. However, those horror enthusiasts have some other ideas what the holidays mean. I love sitting down with family and friends and celebrating a perfect combination of the macabre and the festive. Check out some of these scary Christmas movies for an exciting holiday season!


For American children, the scariest prospect out there is receiving coal instead of presents on Christmas morning. Children do everything they can to avoid ‘the naughty list’ for this very reason. However, in Europe, there is a more sinister tradition that is highlighted in the film Krampus. The film depicts the old folklore that says disobedient children will be abducted in the middle of the night by a goat demon – pleasant, right? As one can imagine, horrific events ensue that would make even the most rebellious child behave.

Black Christmas

What could be better than a campy sorority slasher film? Adding Christmas to the mix! Black Christmas was originally made in 1974 but had a remake done in 2006. Both are scary Christmas movies featuring a group of sorority sisters who must band together against a murderer in the attic of the sorority house. It’s the perfect way for all of the college kids out there to get their dose of holiday horror.

Nightmare Before Christmas

While it may not be a traditional horror movie, Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas is probably the most well known scary Christmas movies. The protagonist, Jack Skellington, wants to bring the spirit of Christmas to his “Halloween town.” The tale is heartwarming but the art direction and claymation create a creepy vibe that left millions of people in the 90s unsettled.

Jack Frost

Not to be confused with a myriad of wholesome Christmas films with the same name, Jack Frost tells the tale of a serial-killer-turned-evil-snowman. If you ever thought snowmen looked a bit creepy sometimes, this will be one of the scary Christmas movies you will remember for years to come.  

Silent Night, Deadly Night

While the title leaves much to be desired, Silent Night, Deadly Night is quite horrifying. The serial killer in the film grew up in a corrupt and abusive Catholic orphanage after his parents were brutally murdered on Christmas Eve. To top off the holiday theme, he commits all of his murders in a Santa outfit. The movie was too controversial to last in theaters very long and over time has become a cult classic with four sequels.

To All a Goodnight

This movie is sort of a mashup of Silent Night, Deadly Night and Black Christmas. A crazed murderer is on the loose running around in a Santa outfit. And he’s after, you guessed it, a group of female students. This short and thrilling film is a perfect popcorn slasher for the holidays.

Rare Exports

Rare Exports is one of those scary Christmas movies that can really cut you down. The story depicts a cute little kid getting caught up in the dark secrets behind Santa Claus and the child finds the tomb of Santa Claus up on a mountain called Korvatunturi in Northern Finland. Watch this creepy Christmas movie to find out why reindeer are being killed and children are disappearing.

Going Beyond Scary Christmas Movies

Need a little more than a few movies to get spooked this Christmas? Check out 13th Hour’s Haunted Christmas! Regarded by Halloween enthusiasts as Jersey’s most original and innovative haunted attraction, The 13th Hour features two floors of heart-stopping entertainment and the wildly popular Escape Rooms. Will you survive the Holidays?