A Guide to Real Haunted Locations in NJ

From publications like Weird NJ to infamous characters like The Jersey Devil – New Jersey has a reputation for horror. Scare-chasers far and wide love hearing about the lengthy history of NJ hauntings and paranormal activity. But where exactly are all of the real haunted locations in NJ? This guide shows off some of the locations where the paranormal is quite normal.

The Hindenburg Hangar In Lakehurst

While most people have heard about the crash of the Hindenburg Blimp, few realize that it happened in New Jersey. The crash of the Hindenburg occurred at the local Naval Air Station, creating one of the most famous real haunted locations in NJ.

The Hindenburg accident caused 36 fatalities and injured many more, making it a hotbed for paranormal activity. People that stay overnight at the air station have reported screams, shouting and the sound of running footsteps with no apparent origin. There have also been reports of people in 1930’s Naval uniforms walking through the hangar before disappearing into thin air. Tours are available for this haunted location – you can learn more by visiting The Navy Lakehurst Heritage Center’s website.

The Spy House In Port Monmouth

Along the shore of the Sandy Hook Bay lies a white wooden building that has stood since the mid-1600s. ‘The Spy House’ was once a local inn that served as a safe haven for American revolutionaries. The haunted location got its name from a legend that says revolutionaries gather intel by getting the Redcoats intoxicated enough to spill colonial secrets.

There are many stories of other-worldly experiences at this location, mostly involving an apparition of a young boy, about 10 years in age. It has also been reported that rocking chairs in the upper floor of the building can be seen moving on their own in the middle of the night.

Ringwood Manor

The Ringwood Manor of Ringwood, NJ was built upon Ringwood State Park, home to several tragedies. The manor includes a graveyard with a sordid history. There have been many reports of paranormal activity made by patrons and keepers of the historical location.

The most talked about occupant of the manor is a headless horseman who rides through the graveyard carrying a lantern. There have also been sightings of orbs, apparitions and shadow people on the premises. The alleged ghost photographs caught at the manor has placed it as one of the top real haunted locations in NJ.

The Taj Mahal In Atlantic City

The bright lights and high energy of Atlantic City make it a surprising choice for one of the top real haunted locations in NJ. However, the history of the casino makes its connection to the supernatural more visible. One night at the Taj Mahal, a gambler lost more than just money. After losing too much money, one man jumped off the 10th floor of the casino’s garage, dying upon impact. Patrons of the casino say you can still see him wandering around the area every night at midnight.

Spiaggi in Cape May

Spiaggi, formerly Maureen’s, is an Italian restaurant in Cape May, NJ with a tragic history. The owner of Maureen’s suffered a tragedy when her daughter, Gloria, died in her crib as a baby. There were many rumors of the baby’s cause of death, including everything from sickness to neglect and even murder. Employees and patrons of Spiaggi report that you can feel Gloria’s presence on the upper floors of the restaurant.  

Real Haunted Locations in NJ – A Real Experience

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