NJ Escape Rooms – What Makes a Great Escape Team?

If you’ve ever been to NJ escape rooms, you know that it is no simple task to escape. You need to be able to think on your feet, have the right problem solving skills and, most of all, work with a great team. But what exactly makes a great team for an escape room? Learning this is your best bet at making a successful escape.


When trying to make an escape, communication is key. While gathering clues and making smart decisions is important, it simply isn’t enough to succeed. NJ escape rooms require precise communication skills to work together and make sure everyone has the maximum amount of information possible. It is never helpful to yell out random clues you find without any context. This creates a chaotic scenario where it is difficult to get anything done. You need to find a team that speaks calmly and purposefully. When everyone is calm and well-informed, making an escape is easy.


Intellectual diversity is a powerful tool in NJ escape rooms. If your group is able to think on different wavelengths, you greatly increase the chances of winning. Let’s say you are faced with a puzzle that involves a list of numbers. One person may interpret this as a mathematical equation while another sees them as coordinates to the next clue. With different thought patterns working together, you have more ideas to test out and more chances to escape.


NJ escape rooms are interesting in that they require a group to simultaneously work together and separately at the same time. Your group will need to split up to solve different puzzles that eventually connect in one way or another. The ideal group will have some people scanning the area for clues, while others focus on a single task, coordinating with the rest of the group.


It is very common for a group to fail their first go around at NJ escape rooms. The more times you play, the higher your chances of success will be. This is especially true when you play with the same group. Each time you and your group make an attempt to escape, you learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses. You can also find out who works best together and pair those members together. Practice makes perfect!

Stay Humble

One of the most frustrating personality types to work with at NJ escape rooms is the person with a huge ego. When people are too prideful, they can steamroll over their partners, which is frustrating and unhelpful. Being humble involves knowing your own strengths and weaknesses and being open to the ideas and suggestions of others. By maintaining your humility, you make the experience more enjoyable for everyone and have a higher chance of success.


A lack of trust is a huge roadblock to success at NJ escape rooms. Groups that constantly question the abilities of their teammates create an uncomfortable, even turbulent experience. You need to find a group that believes in the ability of their team members and that everyone is trying their hardest. There is nothing worse than a group of bickering escapists running out the clock.  

Finding The Best NJ Escape rooms

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