Haunted Attractions: It’s November, But The Haunt Is Not Over

Did you miss out this past Halloween? Were you too busy to make it to a haunted house attraction? Or maybe you had a great Halloween and you just don’t want it to end. Don’t worry, the haunt’s not over! Let’s look at some reasons why you should stay scary this November and look for ‘things to do near me’.

Still Feels Like Halloween

So Halloween has come and gone, but no one told the weather that! Halloween is a time of fallen leaves, bare trees, and crisp cold air. Something about the fall weather just feels creepy. The orange tint of fallen leaves is the perfect background for spooky activities, even if October is over. When heading to a haunted house attraction on a crisp fall evening, you won’t be able to tell the difference between that night and Halloween itself.

It’s a Fun Thing To Do

Let’s face it, New Jersey during the fall isn’t the most exciting place to be. The summer heat has died down and days outside in the sun are long gone. Even the cold of winter brings with it a variety of outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, and playing out in the snow. Fall is an in-between season that can leave you searching for something to do. Fortunately, haunted house attractions are the perfect solution to your boredom. All day long you can look forward to your scary evening, and the excitement will last until you reluctantly turn off the lights to go to bed. By keeping Halloween alive this November, you can avoid the duller days of fall.

Not Ready For Christmas

Are you one of those people who gets annoyed at how early Christmas commercials start playing on TV? “It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet!” This is a common expression heard in early November. If you aren’t ready for Christmas cheer, protest by keeping Halloween alive until December! Trade out mistletoe and ginger snaps for zombies and candy corn! Keep Christmas in its rightful place (December) this year.

A Thanksgiving Treat

Looking for something to be thankful for this year? How about being thankful for you and your family surviving a night in a haunted house? Thanksgiving doesn’t only have to be about turkey, stuffing and parades! Gather the family together this year and give them the gift of the heebie jeebies.

You Can Try To Escape

If you are completely done with Halloween, that doesn’t mean that heart-pounding excitement has to wait until next year. Trade out the haunted house for a great escape. Escape rooms will have you and your friends or family scrambling to solve puzzles and work together in order to ‘get out’ in time. Escape rooms offer the thrills of a haunted house attraction in a less ‘Halloween-Centric’ setting. The excitement of an escape room can often match that of a haunted house attraction.

Halloween Attractions Near Me

Are you ready to keep Halloween alive this November? Then you better find a haunted house attraction that is sure to spook and scare. 13th Hour is the perfect place to find some screams. With two floors of terror, there is no shortage of Halloween fun, even in November! We also offer 4 challenging and exciting escape games for anyone who is just about done with Halloween. We are ranked one of the best haunted houses in New Jersey and from the state often referred to as ‘Weird New Jersey,’ this is no small feat! When you purchase Haunted House tickets and Escape Room tickets for the same night you will automatically be upgraded to VIP. This November, the haunt is not over until we say it is! Contact us today.