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It’s Not Just NJ Haunted Houses – There’s Haunted Pubs Too

We often talk about haunted houses on our blog, and with good reason – they’re entertaining, wonderfully spooky, and have a great history here in New Jersey (NJ) for our local residents to come visit and explore.

But our wonderful state isn’t just full of haunted house attractions – there are haunted pubs too. Recently, a ghost team came and explored a haunted pub in NJ by the name of Harper’s Pub in Clementon, NJ.

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Not only will you want to visit this scary pub, but it also has one interesting story behind the haunting. NJ.com covered the story first, and we’re bringing you some of the juicy tidbits to keep you haunted house, ghost story and scary appetitie alive.

The owner has had items move on their own.

The reason that this pub is suspected of being haunted has to do with an experience that he had while working in his pub for one of the first times. Mark Shernoff, the new pub owner, was cleaning out items from the previous owners in one of the closets.

He had left a box in the middle of the adjacent room. When he went to open the door, the box had been moved, pressed up against the closet door that he was cleaning out. He started asking patrons around after that one incident, and heard some of their stories as well.

Apparently the pub has a much deeper history than he could have known, and he is now still dealing with the hauntings.

A hotel burned down on the grounds in the 1800s.

Located on Gibbsboro Road near the railroad tracks, Harper’s was originally called the Clementon Hotel and was a popular stop for railway travelers, reported NJ.com.

The hotel burned down. While the reason isn’t clear, one might assume that there were some victims from the fire, or at least some disturbed souls that had some bad feelings around the event. After the pub burned down, another hotel was built on top of it and then later renamed Gruber’s pub.

It was when the new building was erected and the new pub went up that the owners and patrons started to see activity that might have been an indication of a haunting. The wife of the owner of that pub passed away, and many think she might still be there.

A Ghost Adventure’s crew came to check the place out.

A team of Ghost adventurers called JUMPs came out to explore the second and third floors with infrared cameras, audio recorders, and equipment used to detect spiritual energy.

“It’s creepy,” Francolino, a member of the Ghost Adventurer’s crew, told NJ.com.. “Every noise you hear, you think something is coming at you. But at the same time, you want something to happen. It’s a weird feeling to be scared and want something to happen at the same time.”

During their investigation, they found some cold spots and changes in electromagnetic energy – a possible indication that the pub might indeed be haunted. At one point, they thought they heard a metal chair scratching against the wall.

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