Who should not attend Brighton Asylum?

The 13th Hour is not recommended for those with known and pre-existing medical conditions including, but not limited to: breathing, heart, psychological, joint or muscle conditions, pre-existing medical conditions, back, neck or skeletal problems, any activity made worse by physical exertion, or if you are not physically fit. Attractions require guests to walk great distances over a winding pathway with moving floors and walls.

WARNING: Guests assume all risks for taking part in this activity. This is a haunted attraction and with this activity, there are risks, known and unknown, associated with its participation. Injury or death can occur as a result of taking part in this activity. Brighton Asylum, its affiliates, its management, owners, landlord, or sponsors, assume no liability for injuries resulting from taking part in this activity. By purchasing a ticket, you agree to hold harmless Brighton Asylum, its management, owners, landlord, and affiliates and assume all liability for taking part in this activity.