General Questions

What Time Are you Open?

The calendar, events and times are posted on our main page before the Haunted House season begins. The 13th Hour Escape Rooms run all year, the weekly hours scheduled is below.








Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit at the 13th Hour Haunted House or Escape Rooms.

Will you separate us from our group?

No, you will not be separated from your group. We focus on creating great shared experiences for groups in the Haunted Houses and Escape Rooms.

We are a group of 7, can we all go in together?

Yes! A group of 7 can go in all at once.

Do you have a lot of strobe lights in the haunted houses?

Yes, there are strobe lights in the haunted house. We do not recommend that people with Epilepsy go through the Haunted House.

Is there Security?

We have security on staff every single night. Our team includes police officers (retired and off duty) and licensed security guards.

Can we take photos/video inside the haunted houses?

No, sorry, you cannot take photos or videos inside the Haunted House or Escape Rooms.

Can I bring my purse and/or shoulder bag into the haunted house?

Yes, you can bring your bag into the Haunted House.

Will the actors touch us? Can we touch the actors?

If you choose to wear a glow necklace it will allow the actors to touch you, you can take it off at any time if you feel like it is too much. However, you can never touch the actors.


Who should/should not attend

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, although we love animals at the 13th Hour Haunted House, no pets are allowed.

Miscellaneous Questions

Is there any specific dress code to enter the 13th Hour Haunted House?

We recommend you do not wear anything you would not want to get ripped. You will be in dark tight spaces and are responsible for any damages to your clothes. Please no flip flops, loose clothes or high heels.

Can I get out if I’m too scared?

Yes, if you are too scared, please alert one of the actors. Our security will escort you out of the attraction.

Are there refreshments at The 13th Hour Haunted House?

Yes, we have food and drinks on site for purchase.

Can I show up drunk, stoned, and disorderly?

We have the right to refuse entry anyone who is under the influence at any time.
We have rules that must be followed for your own safety in order to provide the best experience possible.

Can I work at the 13th Hour Haunted House?

Yes, please check the “work here” tab for information on how to apply. You can also email us at to apply.

Is this the same as Last Year?

No, every year, we change many aspects of the Haunted Houses experience. We update and improve in order to give you the best Haunted House experience in New Jersey.

Day Of Event Questions

Is there parking and do you charge for it?

Yes, there is parking in the back of the building, free of charge. For Escape Rooms, parking is in front of the building and also free.

Please do not email us with questions if you have not read through our FAQ page. Almost all questions can be answered here.