Haunted Houses

13th Hour hosts the most entertaining and original events in the country. We feature 3 Haunted House attractions complete with special effects and movie quality sets.

3 Haunted Houses to choose from:

1. The House of Nightmares included in Two Floors of Fear

2. The Attic 
included in Two  Floors of Fear

3. The Darkside of the Hayden House
Separate Ticket
Our newest and darkest experience. Navigate through the pitch dark with live actors and animatronics for our deepest darkest haunted house.

"Two floors of Fear" tickets includes both
"The House of Nightmares" and
"The Attic" haunted houses.

13th Hour Lights Out Night - November 2nd only. Can your group make it through the 2 Floors of Fear with nothing but a candle light?