Haunted Houses NJ – Choosing The Right Fright

For a New Jerseyan looking for a real scare, the rise of haunted houses NJ is a dream come true. There are more options than ever before, as well as the addition of escape rooms to many of these attractions. But how do you go about choosing the best one? The following tips can help you identify the best and scariest haunted house attractions out there.

Photos & Video

The last thing you want when showing up to haunted houses NJ is to find a poorly crafted, mildly frightening location. A high-quality haunted attraction will not shy away from showing off. Check out a haunted house’s website to see if they have any photos or videos on display. This not only allows you to check out the haunted house beforehand but you can also get a sense of the level of professionalism there. Look for a haunted attraction that has high-quality photographs and videos that are frightening in and of themselves. If haunted houses in NJ aren’t posting photos or videos, it may be for a reason.


One of the most exhilarating things about haunted houses in NJ is how they immerse you into a different, more chilling reality. A great haunted house attraction brings immersion to the next level by introducing a backstory. A backstory gives context and gives haunted house goers a reason to get scared. A backstory changes the ‘man in scary makeup’ into an identifiable character. The more you put yourself into the story, the more scary and memorable the experience.   

Escape Rooms

Another sign of a quality haunted house attraction is whether they have escape rooms. Escape rooms are team-based puzzle games where the goal is to work together and escape a room within a time limit. While the haunted house is more likely to make you scream, escape rooms can be a thrilling experience and usually have horror themes. Escape rooms also add ‘revisit value’ to haunted houses in NJ. If a location offers escape rooms as well as a haunted attraction, you are probably dealing with a higher quality venue.

Awards & Reviews

Believe it or not, there many publications out there that rank and reward haunted houses NJ. Websites like MustSeeHaunts.com specialize in choosing a yearly winner for the scariest, highest quality attraction. A quality haunted house attraction typically has more than one award from a notable publication.

Just like any business, haunted houses should have a Google My Business listing. Before heading to one, check out their score and read a few reviews. Most of the time, reviews can give you a good idea of what you are in for.

Social Media Presence

A final thing to look for in haunted houses is a strong social media presence. High quality haunted houses typically have a large Facebook following and post often. You can use social media to see what others are saying and to get a glimpse of what you are in for.

The Best Haunted Houses NJ

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