Why Haunted House Attractions are a Must This Halloween

It’s that time again! The leaves are changing color, the air is getting crisp and Halloween specials are piling up on television. For horror enthusiasts, celebrating only one day of Halloween isn’t nearly enough. If you are looking to expand your season of scares, why not try out a truly frightful and immersive experience? If you are looking for something special this Halloween, haunted house attractions are an absolute must!

Bring the Group Together

Have you been looking to bring the gang together for a fun, outside-the-box experience? While screaming at the top of your lungs isn’t usually associated with group bonding, haunted house attractions are a clear exception. There’s nothing quite like the shared experience of running from hungry zombies and chainsaw-wielding serial killers with people you love. If you are a parent, haunted house attractions are a great way to get kids to stop arguing and have fun together. It could also be the perfect excuse to gather the entire group of friends together for a memorable night out.

Face Your Fears

Are you always the person covering your eyes during the entire horror movie? Are you the first person to shriek when you hear a bump in the night? Maybe it’s time to face your fears and go through some exposure therapy. After you experience true horror up close and personal, getting through a scary movie will be a breeze. You could end up being the brave one of your friends, laughing in the face of danger!

Great Memories

“Remember that time that Bill got so scared he almost cried at 13th Hour?” Haunted House attractions really bring it to the next level in terms of creating a memorable night. We spend so much of our free time watching movies, going out to restaurants and simply ‘hanging out’ that most weekends just blend together. A night of horror and hilarity, on the other hand, will almost certainly make its way into the memory banks. You’ll be talking about who screamed the loudest for months to come.

Halloween Spirit

Anyone who enjoys the Halloween season knows just how important ‘getting in the spirit’ is. Some of us decorate the house, others carve Jack-O-Lanterns or we might watch scary movies. The spirit of Halloween is almost equally exciting as the holiday itself. When it comes to getting into the spirit – nothing really compares to haunted house attractions. Traversing a house of horrors in person beats out any scary movie or pumpkin decoration.

Stress Relief

Although the actual experience of haunted attractions can be stressful in the moment, getting scared in a safe, controlled environment is actually a great way to reduce stress. There are few greater feelings that having a huge scream turn into belly laughter, once you realize there is nothing to actually be scared of. The rush of endorphins you get from a real scare just might bring the stress relief you’ve been looking for.

Celebrating Halloween With Great Haunted Attractions

Looking for a great way to celebrate this Halloween? Then you better find a haunted house attraction that is sure to spook and scare. 13th Hour is the perfect place to find some screams. With two floors of terror, there is no shortage of Halloween fun. We also offer 4 challenging and exciting escape games for anyone who is just about done with Halloween. We are ranked one of the best haunted houses in New Jersey and from the state often referred to as ‘Weird New Jersey,’ this is no small feat! When you purchase Haunted House tickets and Escape Room tickets for the same night you will automatically be upgraded to VIP.! Contact us today.