Haunt Your Ears With The Best Scary Podcasts

As a horror buff, it can be difficult trying to find the same type of spooky thrills as you got as a kid. There are so many horror flicks out there but so few good ones. Even during a good horror film, one fake-looking monster can ruin the entire experience. So how can you give yourself a scare? Listen to some of the best scary podcasts you will be on the edge of your seat in no time.

Why Podcasts?

It’s always getting more difficult to get truly scared while watching a horror flick. You might recognize an actor or find the monster cheesy, completely ripping you out of the spooky mood. Scary podcasts, on the other hand, have your imagination on their side. You can put on some headphones and completely immerse yourself in another world. You can imagine what everyone and everything looks like as the podcast guides you through a chilling tale. Also, with only audio to rely on, each jump-scare and frightening noise has more power over the rest of your senses. This is what makes podcasts such a unique avenue for horror.

Black Tapes Podcast

Black tapes is among the best scary podcasts. The podcast brings you into a missing persons case that delves deep into the paranormal. You can expect demons and ghosts along the way while you listen to this harrowing tale. The podcast starts somewhat slowly but if you stick with it, you will not be disappointed. Some say that it is like the podcast “Serial” mixed with the “X-Files.” Check out Black Tapes if ghosts and demons are your favorite type of horror story.


The early days of modern medicine were crude…very crude. This is what makes the ‘mad scientist/doctor’ story so creepy. Sawbones is a podcast that goes through old medical journals and talks about the strange and gory ways doctors have tried to help people within the past. While Sawbones is more like a documentary than a typical story, the realism and truth of the subject matter make it horrifying. Give Sawbones a try – it brings out the mad scientist in us all.

The Truth

A podcast called The Truth is meant to be a “horror movie for your ears.” Each episode tells a new, haunting tale, ranging from sinister to hilarious. From a creaky staircase to a loud gunshot, every sound works to create an ‘audio play’ that draws you in and keeps you engaged. The podcast has a very high production value and is definitely worth a listen.

Faculty of Horror

While Faculty of Horror isn’t going to scare you out of your seat, it is a “must-listen” for any horror movie buff out there. In these scary podcasts, hosts Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West go through different horror films and filmmakers, giving their insight. They give a synopsis, analyze themes and even frame the films within their historical context. Faculty of Horror is a great way to find new horror films to watch and learn more about your favorites.

We’re Alive

Are you a fan of zombie films like Dawn of the Dead? We’re Alive is the perfect choice for you. There are four seasons of truly scary podcasts that are able to capture the thrills and chills of living in a world overrun by the undead. It is heart pounding, emotional, and at times, very funny. Keep in mind, the podcasts are in serial form, so you must start from the beginning to get the whole experience.

Scary Podcasts Not Scary Enough?

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