What You Need to Know Before You Try An Escape Room Game

Are you making plans to try out an escape room game for the very first time? Before you jump right in, there are definitely some tips to learn about escape rooms. By learning a few things beforehand, not only can you do better at the game but actually have more fun playing.

They Aren’t Easy

If you are expecting to show up to an escape room game and solve every puzzle in a few minutes, you are in for a surprise. Escape rooms are can be very difficult, especially if you and your group have never experienced one before. The challenge is one of the greatest parts though, can you really call it ‘escaping’ if it’s too easy? Prepare for a difficult time – it will be less frustrating when you start to struggle with those first head-scratching puzzles.

Dress Appropriately

The escape room game experience does not go hand in hand with fancy clothes. You may need to scurry around the room, crawl on the floor and get a sweat going. Save the nice khaki pants and dress shirt for another time. Wear sneakers and clothes you are willing to get down and dirty in.

Go With People You are Comfortable With

Going to an escape room can be an intense experience that requires a lot of coordination and communication. For your best shot at making an escape, you will probably need to be yelling directions and self-segregating into different roles. This is a blast to do with people you are comfortable with but can get a little awkward between simple acquaintances.

Dive Right In

In an escape room game, dawdling is your worst enemy. The moment the game starts, you should immediately start opening things, moving things around and searching for anything unusual or interesting. If you get off to a slow start, you will likely keep that slow pace and reduce your chances of winning.

Forget About Your Pockets

This is one of those rules you will only get from a seasoned escape artist. Any clue, key or object in an escape room game could potentially be your ticket out. If you pick something up and put it in your pocket, you are setting yourself up for failure. You don’t want to be the person who realizes they have a key that everyone has been frantically searching for. You should designate a place in the room for every clue or item of interest that you find. Forget your pockets exist until you make your escape.


Whenever you play an escape game, strong communication between teammates is absolutely essential. If you forget to tell everyone about a certain clue you found or idea you have, the whole game could fall apart. Don’t be shy and speak up for your best shot at making a great escape. And don’t forget, listening is 50% of communication – so keep your ears open and listen to your teammates.

Try The Obvious Solution First

Even though escape games can be difficult, it’s always best to start with the easiest solution to a puzzle before moving onto more complex solutions. You don’t want to waste all of your time making complex calculations and grasping at straws when you didn’t try the most simple solution because it’s “too easy.” Don’t overthink it when first starting a new puzzle.

Suspend Disbelief

While this doesn’t play the biggest role in winning or losing, suspending disbelief and surrendering yourself to the experience is important in an escape room. Nothing kills the fun more than someone making fun of how silly a prop looks or how something “isn’t scary at all.” Just have fun and think about it from an innocent perspective – cynicism guarantees a mediocre experience.

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