Escape Rooms – The Family that Plays Together Stays Together

Between work, school, meetings, clubs, and athletics, the average family is always on the go. It can be difficult for family members to linger in the same room long enough for more than a few minutes of conversation, let alone spend quality time together. When parents finally do get the courage to enlist their children in a family game or movie night, they risk heavy sighs, extended eye-rolls, and sometimes even outward ridicule. Instead of whipping out a deck of cards or dusting off that old box of Monopoly, why not take your family out for an activity they’ll really enjoy? Escape rooms are the perfect family bonding activity!

Work on Communication

In order to be successful in escape rooms, communication is key. Often, it’s necessary to divide and conquer. Each person has an area of the room they’re responsible for. The design of many escape rooms generally means that some of the clues are related to other ones. In order to separate the important information from the irrelevant, it’s necessary to communicate with one another.

While your teens may not necessarily be opening up about their passions and desires, the communication fostered while working together can be a good starting point. Playing games together often leads to a lot of good conversation; they can sometimes even spawn long-lasting family jokes!

Develop Stronger Bond

Escape rooms provide the perfect opportunity for families to focus on and cooperate with one another. When kids are focused on school and social lives while parents are focused on work and providing, families can unintentionally grow distanced and separate. Sometimes, it can be hard to relate to one another.

Escape games offer family members the chance to unite with one common purpose and a shared goal. Working together is the only way to escape the room. The room provides the common ground on which everyone can come together. Trying to solve a problem in a game-like scenario is one of the easiest ways for disconnected family members to bond.

See Each Other in a New Way

One of the best things about escape rooms is that they allow family members the opportunity to see one another in a new or refreshed way. A father may not realize that his son is capable of rapid-fire deductions until they’re posed with a series of problems in an escape room. A daughter may not realize that she inherited her ability to keep a cool and logical head under pressure from her mother. When she sees it in action, she may gain new respect and appreciation. Working together in escape rooms can help everyone relate to one another on a real and more emotional level.

Escape Rooms – Fun for the Whole Family

Aside from developing a stronger emotional bond, escape rooms are great for families simply because they’re fun! As far as brain games go, they’re definitely more on the exciting end of the spectrum. If you’re looking to liven up your family game night, take things up a notch and try one of the many thrilling escape games at 13th Hour! We take the traditional escape room and mix in some thrilling haunts and unexpected scares along the way!

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