Escape Rooms in NJ: Why They’re Good for Your Brain

Just as a full-body workout is the most beneficial for advancing your physical fitness, a full-brain workout is the best for your mind. One of the best ways to avoid chronic forgetfulness and memory loss is to routinely exercise your brain. Many will turn to crosswords, jigsaws, or the latest app, but these methods can sometimes fall a little flat. If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to flex your brain power, check out some escape rooms in NJ. Escape rooms are totally immersive, and can actually be one of the best, most engaging ways to exercise your mind.

Strengthen Memory

Escape rooms can seem a little daunting at first. Unlike doing a crossword or jigsaw at home, you’re given a task and a time limit. If you run out of time, you’re finished. However, the time limit actually enhances the experience; it forces your brain to think logically under pressure. You only have so long to collect your clues and solve the puzzle. This actually serves to strengthen your memory.

Engage All Parts of the Brain

Crosswords test the language and reasoning centers of the brain. Jigsaw puzzles challenge your spatial abilities. Sudoku employs your mathematical skill. These are all important tests for your brain, but they’re all a little one-dimensional when used on their own.

Escape rooms are the ultimate test for your brain because they often require a person to access different parts of their brain all at once. You’ll be required to switch seamlessly from logical and reasoning to spatial thinking and then on to something else. It’s the ultimate mental workout that helps flex your brain muscles. Check out the escape rooms in NJ and you’ll have the opportunity to challenge your mind in ways it may not be accustomed.

This type of challenge could be especially beneficial for those who are routinely employing only certain areas of their brain. For instance, a writer is constantly calling upon their language ability while an architect is most often using spatial and mathematical skill. Escape rooms can challenge you to use your brain in new ways, forcing it to use abilities that may have grown rusty over time.

Challenge Sensory Experience

The way that the things around you look, smell, sound, taste, and feel are all components of your sensory experience. They provide mental cues and aids to your memory. For instance, you may not exactly remember how your childhood home looked, but you can probably remember the smell of the backyard on a summer day, or the way the screen door creaked when you went outside. Your level of sensory awareness makes the difference between a memory you can recall, and one you’ve forgotten.

Like the other aspects of your cognitive ability (i.e. memory, concentration, etc.) your sensory awareness can be sharpened with practice. That’s where escape rooms come in. They challenge you to take note of the way the room looks, the noises you hear, and the objects you touch. All of these aspects could hold details that are crucial to your escape. Not only do you need to notice all the details but you also need to differentiate between what’s important and what isn’t.

Escape Rooms in NJ – The Best Way to Exercise Your Brain

Do we have you convinced yet that escape rooms in NJ are the best way to challenge your brain? Puzzles like crosswords, jigsaws, and sudoku have their merits, but ultimately they can become boring. Doing them routinely can cause you to eventually fall into a mental rut. They won’t truly challenge your brain anymore.

Escape rooms are a thrilling, immersive adventure that will give your brain a better workout. If you’re ready to test your wit and your nerve, come check out 13th Hour in Wharton. We’ve been voted one of the best escape rooms in NJ. We offer a few hauntingly fantastic escape rooms for only the bravest souls who dare venture in. If you’re ready for the ultimate challenge, get in touch with us today!