Unlocking Escape Room Secrets : The Ultimate Guide

Escape rooms have always attracted competitive personality types. If this describes your personality, you might be wondering how to get the upper hand while making an escape. While all escape rooms are different and have varying levels of difficulty – there are some escape room secrets that are sure to help you make a great escape in record time.

Pay Attention to the Introduction

Most escape rooms start off with a cluemaster introducing your team to the escape game. It’s very important to pay close attention during this introduction. They will give you a sense of what to expect during the game and could potentially let a couple of clues slip out that will give you an edge. Even if they don’t blurt out any clues, thoroughly understanding the game’s basic rules and instructions will help your team greatly.

Divvy Up Players

Another important escape game secret is immediately divvying up your team members into different sections. If your entire escape team is doing the same task all at once, major time is being wasted. Right when the game starts, split up and start searching different areas of the room for clues while maintaining a clear line of communication.


As mentioned in the previous escape room secret, strong communication is essential to winning an escape game. Every clue you or a teammate finds must be called out to other players clearly and immediately. Make sure to pay attention as well, one of their clues could tie directly into whatever you are currently looking for or trying to solve.

Clue Finding

Although every escape game is different, there are some clue finding secrets that always ring true. When the game starts, look closely at every single object you can see, open and skim through books, open all drawers, look under furniture, lift table clothes, check on top of shelves, check coat pockets, and look for secret compartments in the floor, or walls. Also make sure to flip every switch, light every torch, and press every button you can find. If you get stuck, don’t be afraid to ask the cluemaster for a hint.

Time Management

Another important escape game secret is to never spend too much time on one puzzle. The reason for this is that many escape games like to trick players by introducing a ‘red herring.’ This is something put into the room to intentionally confuse you into thinking it is a clue. Only spend a few minutes trying to figure out something’s use, because it may not be a clue at all!

Organize Objects

When people start finding clues, they often put them together in a pile in hopes of finding a connection between them. While this may help in certain situations, escape games often hide clues in a certain area for a reason. Mixing them all together in a pile removes the context from the clue. If you put all of the clues together, make sure you remember exactly where they were first discovered.

Single Use Clues

It is almost an agreed-upon code in escape rooms – most clues are only to be used once. Very rarely do clues have multiple uses throughout the game. If you find a key that unlocks a door, it will likely only unlock that one door – the same thing goes for key codes and other items.

Utilizing These Escape Room Secrets

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