Escape Room Player Roles | What Makes a Great Team?

When it comes to successfully navigating an escape room, everything depends on the team you build. Some teams have too many big personalities while others have no leader and aimlessly bumble through the game. What makes a winning team is when every member takes on a specific role and works together to escape the room. But what are the escape room player roles that need to be filled?

The Leader

Every strong team needs a leader. With all of the moving parts and roles to be filled during an escape game, there needs to be someone in charge. The leader is there to support teammates when they need extra help and coordinate the ‘big picture’ strategy of the escape. It is their responsibility to settle disputes that waste time and encourage the team to work together. The leader typically doesn’t focus too hard on one task but rather facilitates the overall process.

The Clue Finder

Do you know that one person who always seems to find lost stuff? When you are in a rush and are looking for your cell phone, they are always the first person to say ‘found it!’ This is one of the escape room player roles you definitely need on your team. The clue finder in an escape game is the person who goes around searching for and gathering every potential clue rather than trying to solve the puzzles. The clue finder should hold onto every key and clue and keep track of where they have been or need to be used. They can help speed up the process by running them to each team member and supplying them with whatever tool they need to move forward.

The Strategist

Every escape group needs a brainiac. While some people might assign the role to the ‘smart one’ of the group, they may not be the strategist you are looking for. Someone can be intelligent without being very good at puzzles. This is one of the escape room player roles that must be filled by a natural puzzle solver – the kind of person who is always playing puzzle games and the first one to solve a tricky problem. They must be meticulous and focused, never leaving a stone unturned.

The Workhorse

While it may not sound like the most flattering nomenclature, the workhorse is an essential part of any great escape team. This is the person in your group who is not easily frustrated and can power through tasks and lay down all of the groundwork that needs to be done in an escape game. Many escape rooms have process-of-elimination puzzles that need to be trudged through in order to move forward – this is when the workhorse comes to the rescue and does what needs to be done while the rest of the team focuses on other tasks.

The Wild Card

The wild card is that one person in the group who plays to the beat of their own drum. They often make seemingly ridiculous suggestions on the next step to take and often get mistaken for someone ‘not taking it seriously.’ However, escape rooms are places where sometimes you need the occasional leap in logic. When time is running out and the entire group is at a standstill – the wild card often comes to the rescue with an outside-the-box idea that is just crazy enough to work.

Escape Room Player Roles in Action

In order to get the most out of an escape room, you need two ingredients – teamwork and a well-designed room. At 13th Hour, you bring the perfect team of these escape room player roles and together enjoy our high quality and entertaining escape rooms. We even offer an escape room and dinner combo courtesy of Hot Rods BBQ! Come join us for a thrilling experience and buy your tickets today!