How To Avoid The Most Common Escape Room Mistakes

When you enter an escape room, you need to have success on your mind. It’s also important that you make sure to avoid the most common escape room mistakes while working toward your goal. By learning the most common pitfalls to avoid, both newcomers and seasoned veterans have a better chance of making a great escape.

Poor Communication

Of the most common escape room mistakes, poor communication is probably the most detrimental. Whether or not you can effectively communicate determines how your team will work together. There are many different tasks and puzzles that need to be completed in a short timeframe and they must be delegated properly. Each member of your team needs to have all of the relevant information possible in order to form a cohesive strategy.

For example, you could be wasting serious time by attempting to solve a puzzle that your teammate already took care of. You could also have two team members holding two pieces of the same puzzle but both are completely unaware. It’s important to be loud, decisive and communicative if you want to escape.

Overbearing Teammates

One of the more frustrating escape room mistakes is bringing along overbearing teammates. Some people feel the need to hog the spotlight and try to solve every puzzle by themselves. They can be pushy or they can simply refuse to communicate properly. With escape rooms, teamwork is absolutely essential and a one-man team doesn’t have a chance. Also, don’t forget that escape rooms are supposed to be fun and there is nothing fun about one person steamrolling over everyone else. If this personality type reminds you of someone you know, you might want to have a quick conversation beforehand reiterating the importance of teamwork.   

Forgetting About Clues

Being stubborn and refusing to ask for clues is among the most common escape room mistakes that can lead to unnecessary failure. Many people see clues as ‘cheating’ and their escape as meaningless if they use them. However, refusing to take a clue could not only make you lose the game but your team could get frustrated and end up not having a good time. Sometimes the clues are so minute that you won’t even feel guilty afterward. It’s a good idea to discuss with your team how many clues you will allow yourselves to use. This way you can avoid time wasting moments where your team debates whether or not to ask for any clues.

Leaving the Room Unsearched

The moment the clocks start ticking in an escape game, it’s time to scour the room thoroughly. And by thoroughly, I mean thoroughly. One of the most common escape room mistakes that people make is being too shy with their search. They might feel like they shouldn’t ‘mess up the room’ by looking in every place imaginable. While you shouldn’t start throwing things at the wall to see what’s inside, you should feel free to look under objects, through drawers and anywhere else that isn’t breaking anything. Check the walls and ceilings for clues, move desks, look under tables and look behind picture frames. Clues can be anywhere!

Ignoring Instructions

Common escape room mistakes can start from the very beginning of the game. At the start of an escape game, your team will likely be very excited. This can lead your team to make jokes and chat throughout the instructions. You could be missing out on important clues or even the ultimate goal of the game. Also, the introduction to an escape game sets the mood and can create a more immersive experience if you pay attention.   

Avoid Common Escape Room Mistakes to Win!

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