Celebrate Halloween at One of the Best Haunted Houses in NJ

Halloween is only days away! As a kid, you would don your best costume, grab a pillow case or pumpkin-shaped bucket, and hit the streets with your parents or friends. Though we may get to the point where we outgrow going door to door on the hunt for candy, we don’t lose the desire to dress up, get scared, and have fun. Halloween is the holiday where we can delight in the company of others and flirt with our innermost fears in a safe, controlled setting. Just because we’re not kids anymore doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. There are several ways you can enjoy the holiday as an adult, including visiting one of the best haunted houses in NJ.

Host a Party

One of the best ways to keep the Halloween spirit alive once you’re an adult is by hosting a Halloween party! There’s so many cool foods and decorations available during October that are sure to make a themed party an easy success.

Half the fun of Halloween is dressing up, and that aspect isn’t lost when throwing a party. People can still go all out with their costumes and enjoy themselves. And, as a host, you can make it as gory, scary, or artsy as you want!

Hayrides and Pumpkin Picking

Maybe you have young children that don’t like the holiday, or maybe you’re just down for a more low-key Halloween experience. There are plenty of cool things to do during the daylight hours, such as taking a hayride or challenging your brain to a corn maze.

While these attractions become centered around eliciting screams at night, during the day they’re generally more focused on fun than fright. A lot of corn mazes hold scavenger hunts during the day, and hayrides will take you out to go apple or pumpkin picking.

During the evening, bring a pumpkin back home and carve it. It’s a fun family activity that allows everyone to get a little creative. It’s said that a lit jack o’lantern outside the front door acts as a protection to ward off evil spirits, if you believe in such a thing. If not – they still look really cool!

Pay a Visit to One of the Best Haunted Houses in NJ

“Best haunted house I’ve ever been to. The animations and the actors were of the highest caliber. Great staff, great experience.” – Caroline Pickles

If you’re looking to celebrate your Halloween with some thrills and frights, pay a visit to 13th Hour! Located in Wharton, 13th Hour has been voted one of the best Haunted Houses in NJ by Haunt World, Scranton Haunted Review, Haunt Spot, Popsugar.com, and more!
“My friends and I had a blast! We drove all the way from Astoria, Queens and it was so worth it! The staff and actors were all amazing, attentive, and friendly. And the props were awesome! Loved loved loved this place!” – Karla Love

13th Hour features two full floors sure to shock and terrify. And, unlike many other haunted attractions, Scarehouse takes 40-45 minutes from beginning to end – if you can last that long – making it one of the longer walk-throughs currently operating. Recently featured on New York’s Pix11 and in Newsday Long Island, 13th Hour combines animated special effects with the unnerving skill of its dedicated actors to ensure its victims are never able to let their guards down.

Escape Rooms

If the intensity of one of the best Haunted Houses in NJ is too much for you, or if you’d like to try something else during your visit, 13th Hour also offers thrilling and challenging escape rooms. Those that would like to flex their brain before they exercise their lungs can test themselves with solving the mystery of Hayden House before time runs out.
“The escape room is where it is at! We did the Great Room and had sooo much fun. The actors were so great and stayed in character the whole time and we needed them! Going back this weekend for the other escape room!” – Sarah Jelley

While the escape rooms are offered year-round, they’re sure to offer a little extra excitement during the Halloween season. These puzzling mysteries are well suited for those looking to challenge themselves intellectually, and they’re great for large groups!

The End Is Near!

“I’ve been to quite a few haunted houses in my life and this was one of the best!! I’m not going to spoil any of the amazing features of this haunted attraction other than to say there were some things that were absolutely amazing and cannot be missed. Even our time standing out front in the line waiting to get in was made fun by the crew there! I might have to go back before the season’s done and I’ll definitely be back next year.” – H Eric Mayse

There’s not much time left in the season! 13th Hour is open and accepting new victims now! Check out the remaining dates of operation. Because all attractions are indoors, we’re open rain or shine! In addition, this year you have the chance to win your money back! Find the key and save the scientist, and you will get a full refund for your Haunt tickets. Buy your tickets now and find out why 13th Hour has been voted one of the best Haunted Houses in NJ!