This Year, Escape the Room, Escape the Holiday Stress

Are you someone who isn’t really into the holidays? Between buying presents, organizing and attending family gatherings, cooking and cleaning – the holidays can leave your head spinning. Sometimes it feels like we just need to escape. Fortunately, you can escape the holiday stress by heading to an actual escape room! Escape the room for […]

Haunted Attractions: It’s November, But The Haunt Is Not Over

Did you miss out this past Halloween? Were you too busy to make it to a haunted house attraction? Or maybe you had a great Halloween and you just don’t want it to end. Don’t worry, the haunt’s not over! Let’s look at some reasons why you should stay scary this November and look for […]

Prepare for a Scare With These Classic Horror Movies

Tis’ the season for horror! With Halloween right around the corner, you may be looking for some fun stuff to celebrate. It’s no secret that one of the best ways to enjoy Halloween is by heading to a haunted house attraction. To get the most scare for your buck, you should get in the mood […]

The Evolution of Haunted House Attractions

Did you know that the United States holds over 1,200 professional haunted house attractions? Every year, haunted houses get more and more popular and each attraction constantly works to increase the production value and creativity of their venue. However, haunted house attractions weren’t always so popular or high tech. Let’s take a look at how […]

The History of Halloween

Between costumes, candy, and decorations, Halloween is second only to Christmas as America’s biggest spending holiday. While many people love Halloween, few know its actual roots. Did you know the traditions and history of Halloween predate even the first colonial settlers in this country? In fact, it may be one of the few major holidays […]

Escape Rooms | The Many Personalities You May Encounter

To get the best results, escape rooms require teamwork and coordination. Unfortunately, not everyone is a team player. When you enter an escape room, you may find your team is not as cohesive as you expected. Here are some common stereotypes you may encounter during your escape attempt. The Shy One While being shy is […]

Six of the Most Popular Scary Places in NJ

Horror and thrill enthusiasts living in the Garden State are very fortunate. You don’t have to go too far in any one direction to stumble upon some historically scary places in NJ. It seems almost every county is rich with its own haunted history or haunted legends. If you’re a NJ resident, there are a […]

Celebrate Halloween at One of the Best Haunted Houses in NJ

Halloween is only days away! As a kid, you would don your best costume, grab a pillow case or pumpkin-shaped bucket, and hit the streets with your parents or friends. Though we may get to the point where we outgrow going door to door on the hunt for candy, we don’t lose the desire to […]

Halloween in NJ – 13 Films To Get You In the Halloween Mood

Halloween enthusiasts delight! October is just around the corner. There are so many frightfully exciting haunted attractions to visit for Halloween in NJ. If the anticipation for the 2016 scare season is nearly killing you, then fear not! Compiled here is a list of 13 scary-good movies, in no particular order, that will help get […]

The Haunted House – A Brief, Haunted History of Fright

As the Halloween season draws near, haunted attractions will begin to prepare for the coming scare season. For a few short weeks, haunted houses across the nation will open their doors and welcome new victims – young and old. The haunted house is a celebrated Halloween tradition, without a doubt, and it’s almost a rite […]