Escape Rooms | The Many Personalities You May Encounter

To get the best results, escape rooms require teamwork and coordination. Unfortunately, not everyone is a team player. When you enter an escape room, you may find your team is not as cohesive as you expected. Here are some common stereotypes you may encounter during your escape attempt. The Shy One While being shy is […]

Team Building at an Escape Room in NJ

A new philosophy is arising that building a successful team takes more than just hard work, it also requires building solid teamwork skills. This goes for any team, whether it be a family, coworkers, or a sports team. A cohesive team needs to have strong communication skills and must be ready to adapt to new […]

What Are Escape Games All About?

In today’s world, everyone has instant access to an almost endless supply of cell phone games, streaming video, and video game consoles. There is no shortage of entertainment and people are looking for something more. Thrill seekers want a more immersive, real life experience to help them get their kicks. This is why escape games […]

Escape Rooms – The Family that Plays Together Stays Together

Between work, school, meetings, clubs, and athletics, the average family is always on the go. It can be difficult for family members to linger in the same room long enough for more than a few minutes of conversation, let alone spend quality time together. When parents finally do get the courage to enlist their children […]

Escape Games: How to Escape the Room

Escape games are thrilling fun for families and groups of friends. They’re also meant to be very mentally challenging. After all, if an escape room was easy to figure out, it wouldn’t be very fun, would it? Half of the thrill comes from their difficulty. However, there is a method to the madness, as with […]

Haunted Attractions in NJ: Why It’s Good to Face Your Fears

There a generally two types of people that visit haunted attractions in NJ. The first is the one that delights in a good scare. The second is the one that is terrified and was dragged along by the first. Those in the second group would much rather spend a nice evening doing almost anything other […]

Escape Rooms in NJ: Why They’re Good for Your Brain

Just as a full-body workout is the most beneficial for advancing your physical fitness, a full-brain workout is the best for your mind. One of the best ways to avoid chronic forgetfulness and memory loss is to routinely exercise your brain. Many will turn to crosswords, jigsaws, or the latest app, but these methods can […]

Six of the Most Popular Scary Places in NJ

Horror and thrill enthusiasts living in the Garden State are very fortunate. You don’t have to go too far in any one direction to stumble upon some historically scary places in NJ. It seems almost every county is rich with its own haunted history or haunted legends. If you’re a NJ resident, there are a […]

Things to Do in NJ – What to Know About Escape Rooms

Looking for a new and fun activity to try out with your family, friends, or coworkers? Check out escape rooms! This new trend is increasing in popularity, and it’s one of the best things to do in NJ. However, to ensure you have the most enjoyable experience possible, there are a few things you should […]

Celebrate Halloween at One of the Best Haunted Houses in NJ

Halloween is only days away! As a kid, you would don your best costume, grab a pillow case or pumpkin-shaped bucket, and hit the streets with your parents or friends. Though we may get to the point where we outgrow going door to door on the hunt for candy, we don’t lose the desire to […]