The Best Halloween Specials On Television

With October just around the corner, scare seekers everywhere are preparing for their favorite TV shows to come out with Halloween specials. Sometimes these shows just use Halloween episodes as a gimmick but there have been some great ones that stand out over time. Taking a stroll down memory lane by watching some Halloween classics is a great way to kick off the season.

Boy Meets World

Back in the 90s, the TV show Boy Meets World released a Halloween episode called “And Then There Was Shawn.” Boy Meets World is not a show known for its horror themes but this episode really did it right. Our favorite characters find themselves in after-school detention when students start getting murdered one by one throughout the episode. To add to the classic 90s nostalgia, Jenner Love Hewitt guest stars in the episode in a hilarious and memorable role. While the ending falls a little flat, the episode will go down as one of the greatest Halloween specials.   

Parks and Rec

In Community’s special called “Greg Pikitis,” the focus is more on Halloween pranks rather than a scary storyline. The show’s protagonist, Leslie Knope, tries her hardest to put an end to the elaborate pranks of a teenager named Greg Pikitis. If you grew up loving ‘Mischief Night,’ more than Halloween, this is the Halloween special for you.

The Office

While The Office has several Halloween episodes, the one named “Halloween” stands out above the rest. This special shows an inept boss, Michael Scott, deciding who to fire. Michael waits until the last day of the month, Halloween, to make this firing decision. When asked why he waited, Michael replies “Because it’s scary stuff.” On top of this ridiculous plotline, the episode features our favorite characters wearing hysterical costumes that match their personalities.  

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

While It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is always a shocking TV show to watch, they bring Halloween specials to another level in “The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding”. One of the main characters, Dennis, brings the gang to his ex-wife’s wedding in hopes of getting her to sign off on ending alimony payments. Things go awry when somebody spikes the punch of the wedding and everyone suddenly turns into ‘zombies.’ Hilarity ensues as the rest of the episode plays out as a zombie thriller.

The Simpsons

What could be better than one of the most popular TV shows of all time recreating the greatest horror movie of all time? In “Treehouse of Horror V” The Simpsons shows just how funny Halloween can be. The episode has 3 short stories within it, the most memorable being a recreation of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Homer Simpson plays a bumbling version of Jack Torrance, the father-gone-mad from Kubrick’s classic film. While it may not be as scary as the original, this special pays hilarious homage to The Shining.


While many TV shows have a Halloween episode every year, Friends only did it once with “The One With The Halloween Party.” It’s a good thing they did, because seeing Chandler, the show’s wise-cracking comedian, dressed as a pink bunny rabbit may be one of the funnier moments ever on television. Seeing the rest of the ‘friends’ costumes was a fun and goofy insight into each of their beloved characters.

Better Than Halloween Specials

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