8 Ways NOT to Bother Haunted House Monsters

As a guest to 13th Hour Haunted House & Escape Room, there are some important tips to keep in mind when it comes making your adventure the most positive it can be. This starts with being respectful, especially to the monsters. They are there for your enjoyment and to scare the BAJEEBAS out of you. So please let them do their job. Here are some clues to keeping the haunted house monsters on your good side:

1. Don’t Try and Fool Them

Be real with them. If you’re scared, show it! It’s more fun and the monsters will get full satisfaction from knowing they are succeeding in their scare tactics. Acting like a tough guy, does not make you anymore brave or any more smart. If anything, lend some of your bravery to other guests who may need an arm to grab when the haunted house becomes too much!

2. Don’t Dodge the Scare

Running blindfolded through the haunted house avoiding all monsters is a total wasted experience! Revel in the scare, get your adrenaline pumping, and take your time going through the haunted house. And if this year’s not your year to try a thrilling haunted house, that’s okay too. Maybe next year you’ll have worked up the courage.



3. Be Conscious of Personal Medical Conditions

Before going into a haunted house be aware that there may be fog and other crazy lighting coming your way. So if you suffer from asthma, or any other medical condition that may lessen your awesome experience, find out this stuff ahead of time. It may be possible to avoid certain areas. 

4. Don’t Touch the Monsters

Most guests have one question when entering a huanted house: Will the monster touch me? The answer is no! And they expect you to not touch them as well. Respect their space and privacy, just as the monsters are respecting yours. It will make for a much more pleasant time.

5. Don’t Come Under the Influence

Going to a haunted house is not a place to come drunk or under the influence of any other drugs for a variety of reasons. Number one there may be younger children around and there is no need for them to be around inebriated individuals. Secondly your choices may be negatively  altered. Drinking beforehand may cause you to bother the monsters more or cause an unsightly scene. Third, the haunted house is fun enough without it! Who needs drugs and alcohol when there are good scares and fun people and games around.

6. Avoid Tampering with Props

Just as we expect you not to touch the ghosts, witches, and monsters, they also expect you to keep your hands to yourself when it comes to tampering with props. There may be bloody weapons, broomsticks, or pumpkins lying around, but keep them where they are! This allows the scene to stay set all of the visitors that may come throughout the night and the entire Halloween season.

7. Don’t “Test” the Monsters

Let the house monsters do their job, but try to avoid getting in their face too much or forcing them to break character. They work hard to master their character and appreciate you appreciating them.

8. Don’t Ruin the Scare

Do your best not to anticipate a scare. Let the scare happen to you! This means no pulling back curtains or running ahead to find the hidden monster. It may ruin the experience for you and for other guests around you.



So, when you stop by a haunted house this Halloween remember to be respectful to the monsters. You wouldn’t want them to gobble you up along with the rest of the bad children! Give us a call today at 13th Hour Haunted House & Escape Room  to find out about our hours and location.