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7 Ways to Survive a Haunted House

You’ve really challenged yourself this year. You’re going to brave a haunted house. But the real question that you’ve let haunt your dreams night after night as Halloween approaches is…how will you survive it? Let the experts give you some good tips for the doomed night that is quickly approaching.

Be Real With Yourself

Talking ourselves into anything is never good. It’s important to go with your gut and listen to your true feelings. Do you think your can emotionally handle a haunted house? Our guess is yes. Everything’s worth a try! However if you really don’t think it would be a good idea, save it for next year. Don’t let yourself get pressured by friends or family members. Let yourself make the final decision.

Go With a Group

Imagine watching a horror movie alone. In a cold dark house. With all of the lights off. It’s a frightening thought! Now think of going to a haunted house all alone. It’s equally as frightening. So give yourself a back up team and an extra arm to latch onto when you get scared this Halloween. Bring one person, bring two, bring five people with you. Strength is in numbers, and if you want to survive the haunted house you may need more friends than you first anticipated.

haunted house

Dress Appropriately

A haunted house isn’t the time to get all dolled up. You have to prepare for the scariest night of your life, and this means getting ready to sweat. You’re going to be glad you didn’t wear your heels when you’re dodging monsters and escaping from goblins.

Have Some Fun!

The purpose of a haunted house is of course to scare the living daylights out of you, but the root of this scare should be in enjoyment. Enjoy getting your adrenaline pumping and feeling the scare. Pride yourself on knowing your are taking full advantage of the Halloween season, and livening up your life with some spook and excitement at the best haunted house in town! And remember you may see some monsters, you may have ghosts chasing after you, but it will only last so long until you’re back to reality. Besides, it’s fun to pretend and it’s fun to feel like a kid again. Haunted houses can be a great way for even adults to be really spooked for the night.

Let it Out!

Don’t hold that scream in, the monsters know when you’re scared and may continue to follow you if you’re bluffing. So let it out! Show that you’re scared and embrace it. This is no time to look good — just a time to survive.

haunted house

Plan an After Party

This is the most important step to surviving a haunted house. Make sure there’s a plan for afterwards, especially if you’re a bit nervous prior to going to the haunted house. Perhaps you and your friends may want to get some dinner, or watch a funny television show together afterwards. Switching up the vibe after the haunted house can make the scariness not seem so traumatic. Besides, knowing that there is an after party plan ensures the idea that you will in fact survive. Or will you?

Talk it Out

Having a plan for after the haunted house will also give you an opportunity to talk it out and share your frightened feelings together. Sometimes knowing other people were also scared can make us feel a lot less alone and a lot more confident post haunted house. 

Have some fun this Halloween and visit a haunted house, but take these necessary precautions to make sure you get out alive. For the spookiest, most professional haunted house around come down to 13th Hour Haunted House & Escape Rooms tonight!