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7 Reasons to Scare Your Sweetheart Silly this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is often the last time you think about being scared – the romance in the atmosphere causes horror and fear-related fun to take a back seat.

What if being scared is actually the one thing that will make you feel more romantic than ever this holiday? Consider bringing your date to one of your local Haunted Houses for Valentines for Day.

For more information about how 13th Hour Haunted House & Escape Rooms can bring you closer to your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, contact us.

In the meantime, consider the following reason your should bring your Valentine’s Day date to a haunted house this year.

It will bring you closer together – literally.

Have you ever felt that need to be closer to someone when you feel frightened? You’re not alone in that feeling. Cuddling, hugging, and jumping into one another’s arms is one of the best feelings on this holiday – and there is nothing better to insight this feeling than being scared together.

Activities are so much more fun than dinner.

Traditionally, you take your Valentine out for a dinner and possibly a movie. This can be fun, but wouldn’t it be more fun to get to know each other a little bit better, or explore a relationship that’s been close for awhile while doing an activity together?

A good laugh is the most romantic thing you can find.

While it’s not the first thing that comes to mind, haunted houses in New Jersey (NJ) are great for laughs. It can be very funny to watch your date’s reactions as you head through the haunted house, and things are jumping out of the shadows.

You can impress your sweetheart with your bravery.

Sometimes it’s sexy to be brave – and what better place to showcase your bravery to your sweetheart than in a haunted house? Bring your Valentine to 13th Hour Haunted House & Escape Rooms this holiday.

You’ll lay all your fears out on the table early.

It often pays to be open from the get-go. Are you deathly afraid of clowns? Has blood always gotten you queasy? Knowing these things about your Valentine from the start can be an interesting way to get to know one another – and might bring you closer together in the end.

Fears are more romantic than you think.

There’s romance in being afraid together that isn’t often spoken for. Think about your closest loved ones – you know what their fears are, and therefore you can do a better job of protecting them from those fears. Bringing out that protective side of yourself this holiday could impress your Valentine.

The 13th Hour Haunted House & Escape Rooms will be open for the holiday.

If you want to bring your Valentine to a Haunted House this Valentine’s Day, consider bringing them to the 13th Hour Haunted House & Escape Rooms.

We’ll be open for the holiday, bringing romance and love into the air with fears, ghouls and all manner of scary things. Happy Valentine’s Day!

13th Hour Haunted House & Escape Rooms was named one of the top haunted houses in NJ in 2015. To schedule your visit, contact us.