house of nightmares

6 Reasons You Should Take Your Girlfriend to a House of Nightmares

It’s hard to understand the feeling that we want to be scared sometimes. We often feel confused, frightened as though we want to run away but also excited at the same time.

A haunted house is one of the best places to bring your girlfriend for a date. It sounds a bit unorthodox, but trust me, it’s one of the best dates on which you can bring a significant other.

For more information on what you can home to experience in your house of nightmares, contact your local haunted house in NJ to discover some of the scary attractions you’ll face once you get there.

Consider some of the best attractions – and by best, we mean most classic – that continue to haunt people each time they have a scary experience. Ghosts in the doorway, loud noises in the background, sticking your hand into a bowl of gooey eyeballs – they all frighten us but they still excite us.

So why in the world would you want to bring your girlfriend to experience these things?

You’ll get to see her “scared” face.

It’s a classic – the scared face. Chances are she’s going to be all bug eyed, tongue out scared and letting out a scream. It’s not only going to be gold to joke with her about later, but it’s something you usually don’t see in the movie theatres or other traditional scary experiences you might have on a date.

It’s a relatively inexpensive date that’s still an awesome time.

Going to your house of nightmares is most likely not going to break the bank, and it’s certainly more exciting that the traditional dinner and movie. You’ll have awesome evening of heart racing fun, and it’ll be a date that she’ll end up remembering in the end.

She’ll want to stay close to you the entire time.

What could be better than having your girlfriend cuddle up close to you for the entire night? In a house of nightmares, she’ll practically be superglued against you from fear of her surroundings. You’ll be holding her hand and staying close through the whole ordeal, making it a semi-romantic time for both of you.

You’ll have the chance to show her you can protect her.

For many couples, protection of each other is huge. Taking your girlfriend to a haunted house will show that you have the ability to protect her from scary things (even if she’s not really in danger to begin with, it will still feel like it). Show off that protective prowess with a date in a house of nightmares.

You’ll get the chance to show off your bravery.

On top of protecting her, you’ll get to impress her with how brave you are (That is, if you’re not running out the door crying in the first few minutes through the haunted house). Not only will you get to protect her, but you’ll get the chance to demonstrate what you’re like in the face of potential danger.

Let’s be honest – it’ll be hilarious.

It’s going to be terrifying – but it will also be hilarious. A house of nightmares will bring out funny reactions in both of you, and it will give you something to laugh over later than evening. Not to mention, bringing out lighthearted arguments about who was the most frightened. Who will be the winner?

We provide scared spectators with two floors of fear. For more information on when you can come visit the Haunted Scarehouse and scare the bejesus out of your girlfriend , contact us.