Halloween in NJ

5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween in NJ with your Kids

October is quickly approaching and that can only mean one thing: Halloween is coming! The spookiest, creepiest time of the year. We have the opportunity to dress as someone else, to disguise our true identity, and to even scare the pants off our family members! For parents, Halloween can be a super fun time to introduce kids to the joys of being scared and celebrating the fun of Fall. So much decorating and preparing can go into play. Here are just a couple of way to celebrate Halloween in NJ with your kids.

1. Pick a pumpkin!

No porch is ready for trick or treaters without a pumpkin. And better yet make it a carved pumpkin. Taking your kids to the local pumpkin patch can be such a treat for them, and a test of their decision and independence. Encourage them to pick the pumpkin that suits them best, and ask them why they’ve chosen it. Maybe even splurge on a gourd or some apple cider to complete the date.

2. Choose a costume

Picking out a costume can be quite a chore for a kid, but finding the best one that fits their personality can be super rewarding for them. Try to brainstorm with your kids before going to the store, so that they know what to look for and are not overwhelmed by the big selection of costumes. Maybe even encourage them to try and make their own costume. You can work on it together with some supplies you may already have at home. Wearing a sheet with some eye holes and dressing as a ghost is not an overrated costume!

Halloween in NJ


3. Make some Halloween Cookies

Any holiday can be a cause for celebration, and of course always a reason for some delicious cookies. Spend some money on cookie cut-outs in the shape of pumpkins or witches. And then make some orange icing to put on top of the cookies. Kids feel good when they can see a final product at the end of a project. Baking is a great way to get that satisfaction once the cookies come out of the oven nice and warm. Maybe even hand these out on Halloween to neighbors and trick-or-treaters.

4. Go on a Hayride

The Garden State has much to offer in terms of space and trails. And these trails and countryside definitely come in handy during the month of October. Going on a hayride may be a part of your pumpkin picking experience, or it can be set up at another location on a completely different day. Sandwich your kids between some barrels of hay and enjoy the view from a hayride. For those with older kids, you may even want to try a haunted hayride trail at night time. But be prepared to be spooked.

Halloween in NJ


5. Try a Haunted House

For those of you out there with kids a bit older, a haunted house can be a super fun idea to do with the family. It’s a fun challenge to see if everyone can survive the scares, and it actually can be a great exercise in bringing everyone together. Your kids are bound to be latched onto you by the end of the haunted house! And it always feels good as a parent to be just a little bit depended on. People may jump out at you and there may be some scary music, but you can assure your kids they will be safe.

For anyone interested in visiting a haunted house this October, try the 13th Hour Haunted Hour & Escape Rooms! Contact us today to find out about our hours, ticket prices, and other important information.