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5 Ideas to Reassure the Most Frightened Family Members

Not everyone can handle the scare and fright that comes along with Halloween. It may all seem fun and lighthearted, but when the sun goes down and the spooky noises start rumbling, not all of us are as brave as we intended to be. This is especially true when it comes to the dreadfully scary haunted houses in NJ.

Fortunately a list has been accumulated to reassure the most frightened of your family members why there is no need to be OVERLY afraid of a haunted house.

Age Limit

In some cases, depending on the haunted house, there is an age limit when it comes to entering the haunted house. Haunted houses in NJ want to scare their guests, but they certainly don’t want to permanently traumatize them. So in some cases based on the extremity of the haunted house, there may be an age requirement of 13. For those of you looking to dodge the haunted house trip this October and happen to be under the age limit, you’re free from the scare for a little bit longer. But get ready to impress everyone with your bravery in years to come!

Time Limit

It’s a lot easier going into a scary situation when you know it can only last so long. For example if you have a speech to give to you entire class, or a doctor’s appointment to attend; there is only SO long both can last. The same goes for haunted houses in NJ. Depending on how crowded the haunted house you choose to go to is, the most it will likely take to get through is 30 minutes. And 30 minutes of being frightfully scared is fun! It’s an adrenaline rush! And for those scaredy cats out there, it won’t feel like too long.

Touch or No Touch?

The question on almost everyone’s mind when they enter a haunted house in NJ is will the monsters touch me?? The answer is no. The monsters, ghosts, and witches you may come across have no intention of causing you actual physical harm. They may come uncomfortably close to scare you, but they will never under any circumstances touch you. In fact some haunted houses may have you sign a pre-contract promising they will not touch you, and also asking guests not to touch any members of the haunted house.

haunted house in NJ

The Line

Before choosing a haunted house in NJ, do your research. Choose one with great reviews and awesome feedback. However, choosing the most popular haunted house will also give you a bit of a line to wait through before entering the actual haunted house. Take advantage of this wait time! Waiting in line can give you some mental time to brace yourself for the scare and to bond with your friends or family you have chosen to come with. Look around you at the decorations and try to just relax and enjoy as you enter the scare zone.

haunted house in NJ


Reality Check

For those of you who truly cannot get past this scary buildup, remember that most monsters aren’t real, there are no pigs that fly, and witches do not really fly around on broomsticks. But don’t dwell on the reality behind the scenes for too long. It’s much more fun to believe 🙂

Attending a haunted house this year in New Jersey can be a great way to bring your family and friends together to enjoy some good old fashioned fun. Haunted houses tend to get pretty popular on the actual day of Halloween, so consider going any time during the month of October. Contact us today at 13th Hour Haunted House & Escape Rooms for any questions about hours, pricing, availability, etc. Come get spooked!!!