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10 Reasons to Get Excited About Haunted Houses During the Christmas Holiday

For those of us who are just obsessed with being scared, we’re looking for ways to pump up the excitement this holiday season.

But haunted houses? It’s hard to imagine a haunted house fitting into your schedule this holiday season – but the truth is, haunted houses are one of the most common elements of spooky christmas stories.

For more information on how you can book your tour at 13th Hour Haunted House & Escape Rooms this holiday season, call your local haunted house for times and dates of the next showings.

Ghosts are pervasive in regularly told Christmas stories, but there are other reasons to get excited about a haunted house this holiday season.

The holidays are great for warm and fuzzies, but not so much for scary fun.

Some of us (cough) are just obsessed with scary things – we like scary stories, scary movies and other scary activities of all kinds. There is a scary element often missing from the holiday season, and that’s the perfect reason to get excited about haunted houses this holiday season.

Haunted houses are a big part of Christmas stories.

The truth is that Haunted Houses are a big part of Christmas stories – have you seen the latest Scrooge? If you’ve been visited by the ghosts of your Christmas past, present or future, then you know exactly how much ghosts are pervasive during the holidays.

Ghost stories around Christmas time are a tradition.

It’s traditional to sit around the fire and tell stories – why not get excited about a holiday haunted house story this season? It will help those of us who love to be scared get into the spirit this season.

The holidays and slight frights go together better than you think.

Christmas and Halloween aren’t as far apart as you think – remember the nightmare before Christmas? This season, don’t forget about traditional haunted house frights. It just might get you into the jolly mood you were looking for.

You can use your holiday decorating skills for making your costume next year.

What a better time to work on your crafting skills for your next Halloween costume than during the Christmas holidays? Crafting is abundant during this time of year, and maybe after a couple of Christmas ghost stories your wheels will start spinning thinking about next year’s costume.

Even though it doesn’t coincide with the theme, you might get some spooky gifts this season.

Do you love scary stuff? Then you’re probably getting some scary stuff for Christmas this year. Whether or not it’s books, movies, or some other scary element, you can enjoy a good scare this season.

Being close to your loved ones is always nice, whether it’s because your warm and cozy by the fire or because you’re afraid.

We get scare, and we jump on top of each other to protect one another. Get close to your loved ones with a good haunted house story this year in front of the fire.

Because egg nog and fireplaces can make your family a bit spooky to be around.

Okay – we’re definitely joking on this one. But why not get into the spooky mood with some eggnog and a good fireplace?

Because both times of year are great for experiencing family fun.

The holidays – no matter whether or not they’re meant to be spooky – are all about bringing your friends and family together. So whether or not you’re into the Christmas or spooky spirit, have fun with your family this year.

The haunted house is a great way to get your family excited about holiday activities.

What better holiday activity – to bring all of your family closer together – than going to visit a haunted house? Happy holidays everyone, and remember your local Haunted House this season.

Walking through a haunted house will help bring you closer to your friends and family, and provide laughable entertainment during the holidays while helping bring some spookiness back into your life. If you’re interested in a tour, contact us.